Guardrails Built-in Scripts

Guardrails are suggested limits and thresholds that Atlassian recommend in order to keep your Jira instance performing well.

For example, they recommend a limit of 1000 comments per issue, and 7000 unarchived projects. You can read more about other guardrails and how they arrived at these figures here

It's not easy to check for guardrails that exceed the recommended guidelines using just Jira alone. With our Guardrails built-in scripts and guidance, you can check if certain guardrails exceed the recommended guidelines, and bring any that do within the correct limits.

Guardrail built-in scripts

Maximum Change History Records Per Issue

Use this built-in script to find issues with change items that exceed the recommended amount, and delete the oldest.

Maximum Number of Issue Links Per Issue

Use this built-in script to find issues that contain more issue links than the recommended amount, and archive or delete the oldest.

Maximum Attachment Size

Use this built-in script to find attachments over the specified size, and delete them.

Maximum Number of Unarchived Projects

Use this built-in script to find projects that have not been updated for a specified amount of time, and archive them.

Maximum Comments Per Issue

Use this built-in script to find issues with more comments than the guardrail, and delete comments that exceed the threshold. 

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