Congratulations! You’ve installed ScriptRunner for Jira Server. There are two main ways to navigate to ScriptRunner in Jira:

  • Through the Jira Administration menu.

  • Using the administration quick search.

Navigating From the Administration Menu

  1. Click the Cog to the right of the top ribbon to open the Administration menu and select Add-ons.

    The Add-ons Option, highlighted in the Cog drop-down menu.
  2. ScriptRunner is visible in the sidebar.

    The ScriptRunner options shown from the Administration screen.

Navigating Using the Administration Quick Search

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut gg. A search dialog appears.

  2. Type ScriptRunner into the search and press Enter to be taken to the ScriptRunner Browse page.

    A search for ScriptRunner from the System Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can select one of the related options, such as Built-in Scripts.

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