Anonymous Analytics

Anonymous Analytics is a setting in ScriptRunner that, when enabled, allows us to collect ScriptRunner usage data.

Data is sent to the following domain when Anonymous Analytics is enabled:

Please add the following IP addresses to your allowlist. Communication to these IP addresses is via https on port 443. 


How we use the data

All data collected is for internal use only, allowing us to gain insight into ScriptRunner usage. All the data we collect is anonymous, and none of the data collected is Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We use this information to help us improve user experience, prioritise workload, and ensure we are bringing value to our users. For example, we collect the following: 

  • Platform version
  • Plugin version
  • SEN
  • Usage data (such as the execution of Built-in Scripts, the type of events for which Listeners are executed).

See our EULA for more information.

How to enable/disable

Anonymous Analytics is enabled by default (if Atlassian analytics is enabled).

To enable or disable Anonymous Analytics follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page by clicking the administration Cog and selecting Add-ons.

  2. Click ScriptRunner Settings under ScriptRunner in the sidebar.

  3. Toggle Anonymous Analytics on/off.

    If Atlassian analytics is disabled, then Anonymous Analytics is also disabled and the toggle is greyed out. To check if Atlassian analytics is enabled, select System from the administration menu, and select Analytics under Advanced in the sidebar.

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