Copy Field Values

The Copy Field Values post function copies the values from a configured field to another on the same issue. Copy Field Values can be used to keep fields up-to-date, eliminating the need for manual input of values.

  1. Select the Copy Field Values [ScriptRunner] post function.
  2. Enter a description of the post function in Note.
  3. Enter the Condition for which, if true, the post function fires.

  4. Enter the Issue Relation. This is the relationship between the issue in transition (containing the Source Field), and the issue containing the Target Field. This is either:
    1. Within the same issue - The Source Field and Target Field are in the same issue.
    2. Linked issues - The Source Field and Target Field are in different issues linked with the selected link type. Select the Link Type Direction(s), the values will be copied from the issue in transition to the issues linked by the selected link type.
  5. Select the Source field. Values will be copied from this field to the Target field.

    If the source field has a null value, the target field value will be cleared out. If you want to prevent the post function execution in this case, use a Condition to ensure the source field has a value.

  6. Select the Target field. All values are copied from the Source field to this field.
    1. When copying values from a Short text or a Select field to a target Select field, you can optionally check Create Options to create any missing values in the target field. The value will be created if a matching one does not exist in the target field. If none of the options in the source field exist in the target and Create Options is unchecked, the target field will be cleared.

      If the target field already contains values, they are overwritten by any copied values.

  7. Click Update.