Re-index Issues

Use Re-index Issues to re-index a project or issues returned by a filter. Re-indexing may be required after a change to the database, or when an indexing issue occurs. The Re-index Issues built-in script allows you to re-index only those issues affected by the changes, saving time and reducing downtime on your Jira instance.

  1. From ScriptRunner, navigate to Built-in Scripts→Re-index Issues.

  2. To specify which issues need re-indexing, enter either a Filter ID or Project Key:

    1. Pick a filter from the list to select issues by Filter ID. Only issues returned by this filter are re-indexed.

      Only saved JQL filters show up in Filter ID. For more information on how to create and save custom filters see Saving Your Search as a Filter.

    2. Enter a Project Key to select issues based on project. All issues in the corresponding project are re-indexed.

  3. Click Preview to see an overview of how many issues will be re-indexed.

  4. Click Run to re-index.