LDAP Picker

The LDAP Picker scripted field displays LDAP records returned by a pre-configured search query from a connected LDAP server.

Examples for usage include:

  • Pick a user in a specific department, or with a certain manager.

  • Selection of any other entity type in your corporate LDAP instance.

Before creating an LDAP Picker field, you must set up a connection to the target LDAP server in the Resources tab.


  1. Enter the field name, and select the LDAP server this field will work with.

  2. Enter a search query. You can use this search query to specify a base DN for the query, to select the objectClass, and any other criteria you need.

    See the Code Snippets section under the editor for examples.

    For help with the query, you should contact your Directory Services department, or a local subject matter expert.

  3. Specify the Search Attribute. This attribute will be appended to the query when the Jira user starts typing. If the field is for picking a user, then searching on surname (the LDAP attribute is typically sn) is your best choice.

  4. Specify the Display Attribute. This is the attribute that is used for displaying, both in the select box, and in the View Issue screen.

Example field configuration:

and in use:

This is a new feature under active development. Please contact us to let us know what you need.

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