This section helps you work with ScriptRunner JQL functions and understand keywords. Using ScriptRunner JQL functions removes the need to learn the Atlassian SDK and provides you with a simple method for writing your own JQL functions. Utilising the simplicity of groovy, you can modify or extend ScriptRunner's library of useful JQL functions.

If you are familiar with JQL Functions from Jira Server then it's worth noting that some of the concepts here are a little different. As it is not possible to integrate directly into the standard search functionality that Jira Cloud provides, the ScriptRunner Enhanced Search functionality provides the ability to run advanced JQL functions in your Jira filters in a similar way to ScriptRunner for Jira Server.

New to Scripted JQL Functions? Check out our JQL Functions Tutorial.

It is not possible in Jira Cloud for an add-on to alter the results of a JQL search either during or after a search is being performed.

ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud augments each issue in your Jira instance with some additional metadata and provides a number of JQL keywords that you can use within your JQL queries to access this metadata. This metadata is stored within your Jira instance.

The 'Issue Updated' field on your issues is NOT affected by the metadata that we store against each issue.

See ScriptRunner Enhanced Search for more powerful search functionality provided by ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud.