22 December 2016

  • Added new Description field to post functions, for easier differentiation

12 December 2016

  • Added a new built-in function: Bulk Fix Resolutions - documentation

1 December 2016

  • Bug fix Clone issue post function when issue is in the sprint, to exclude the cloned issue from the sprint remove the customfield representing the sprint from fields in additional code e.g. issueInput.fields.remove('customfield_10002')

30 November 2016

  • Bug fix the overrideScreenSecurity in Modify Issue Workflow post function for Addon user to be set to true

28 November 2016

  • New setting on the Diagnostics & Settings page that allows configuration of the default timezone in which scripts will execute

25 November 2016

  • Added a new workflow post function: Add/Remove issue from/to active sprint - documentation

9 November 2016

  • Bug fix for incorrect worklog binding

7 November 2016

  • Bug fix for loading long scripts

  • Fixed reported bug when the issue binding for Modify Issue post function was not present

  • Added transitionInput as binding in workflow function available in Condition and Additional script. It represents the transition object for the issue containing fields: 'to_status', 'workflowName', 'transitionId', 'from_status', 'workflowId', 'transitionName', 'transitionId', 'workflowId'

3 November 2016

  • The SR Diagnostics page in the admin section has been renamed to Diagnostics & Settings

  • A new Settings section has been added to the Diagnostics & Settings page allowing configuration of the group that will receive email notifications on script errors

1 November 2016

  • Bug fix for the Clone Issue post function so that it now respects the configured target issue type

  • Improved logging for the Fast Track post function in case of failure

27 October 2016

  • Bug fix for execution user. ScriptRunner add-on user is used if no user configuration exists

21 October 2016

  • Use site-admins user group instead of jira-administrators user group for email notifications

7 October 2016

  • Improve reporting and documentation of script execution limits

6 October 2016

  • Scripts can now be run as the user that initiated a particular action e.g. a workflow transition, instead of all scripts being run as the ScriptRunner add-on user