General Information

ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud allows you to extend the functionality of Jira Cloud, executing scripts to interact with Jira as Workflow Extensions or Script Listeners. Scripts can be useful for automating regular actions, such as, updating an issue during a transition, or performing a calculation and storing the result in a custom field on the issue.

Utilising the Groovy programming language you can respond to events and transitions and manipulate Jira using the REST API. Additionally, you can use the Enhanced Search feature to run JQL Functions in Jira Cloud and create filters for dashboards and scrum boards that use those functions.

Scripting in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud uses Typescript/Javascript for the Behaviours feature. Jira expressions are used for conditions and validators along with some script execution conditions. All other scripts including, Post Functions, Scripted Fields, Script Listeners, and Scheduled Jobs use the Groovy language.

ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud domain allowlist

We advise all customers with a Cloud firewall to ensure that access to the * wildcard URL is permitted.

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