The Browse page provides you with a good starting point from where to understand the features that ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud offers. These features are represented by the four category icons that allow you to administer, automate, customise, and extend the functionality of Jira Cloud.

When you land on the Browse page you will see a welcome message and the script descriptions showing all categories of scripts.

The Browse page consists of four components:

  1. Search bar - use this free text field to search for keywords.

  2. Categories - select a category to view scripts filtered by one of the four functions.

  3. Filters - refine the results shown for a category or search using filters.

  4. Script descriptions - click the results to navigate to relevant script configuration pages.

Browse page example

Each of the categories are associated with scripts that enable you to enhance efficiencies when working with Jira Cloud. You can find a specific script by using one of the following methods:

  • Choose any of the category icons depending on the task you want to perform and a list of related script descriptions displays. 
  • Alternatively, use the Browse page search function to quickly discover scripts. Enter keywords into the search bar to filter scripts by name, or by goal, and the results display in the script descriptions list.

Regardless of the method used to find a script, once results are displayed you will see the associated filter icons. The filters enable you to further refine scripts by purpose, or goal. You can click on any one of the script descriptions to open their corresponding configuration page.