When using ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, it's worth establishing some good practices from the outset.

  • When ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is installed an initial synchronization must be performed by an administrator. It is good practice, therefore, to ensure the JQL Keywords Sync is carried out before using the app. Refer to JQL Keywords Synchronization for more details.
  • As there are significant differences in the functionality of ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Cloud due to the architecture between Atlassian Cloud and Server Add-on frameworks, you should familiarise yourself with these, as described in the About ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud section. You should also be aware of any limitations that have been highlighted.
  • Scripts should always be tested in the Script Console on a sandbox instance. This will avoid disrupting live users and means scripts are used and tested in the sandbox before being used for creating customizations in your live Jira Cloud instance.
  • It is beneficial when working in ScriptRunner to use a version control system, such as Git, to save scripts along with their versions. This ensures you can access those differing code versions if you encounter problems immediately.