You can use the Workflow page to quickly access general information, disable, or make edits to workflows. Using this page bypasses the need to access workflows via the administration menus. You simply navigate to ScriptRunner → Workflows and a list of all existing workflows displays.

You can view all workflows, as shown above, or you can use the Type drop down menu to refine the displayed list of workflow extensions. These include Post Functions, Conditions, and Validators.

The History column displays any errors that may have occurred with the 10 most recent script executions. More details, such as logs or payload, can be accessed by clicking the red icon for a given error.

If you wish to edit or disable a particular workflow, click the Actions ellipsis for your preferred workflow and select either Edit or Disable.

  • If you choose to disable the chosen workflow, you simply confirm this via a confirmation message once prompted.
  • If you choose to edit the chosen workflow, you will see the workflow details screen displayed from where you can make the required edits. For example: