ScriptRunner JQL Keywords & Functions

What are ScriptRunner JQL Keywords & Functions?

ScriptRunner JQL functions extend Jira's built-in capabilities, allowing you to conduct more granular searches, and obtain more detailed information about what is happening in your instance and projects. The ScriptRunner Enhanced Search feature provides the advanced JQL function search capabilities, or queries, in Jira Cloud.

ScriptRunner Enhanced Search augments each issue in your Jira instance with additional metadata and provides several JQL keywords. These keywords can be used within JQL queries to access this metadata and allow users to search for previously unavailable variables, such as the number of sub-tasks (numberOfSubtasks). 

How to use ScriptRunner JQL Keywords & Functions

Using ScriptRunner JQL functions removes the need to learn the Atlassian SDK and provides you with a simple method for writing your own JQL functions. JQL keywords can be used in the Enhanced Search screen and all JQL fields within Jira.

You can use our out-of-the-box ScriptRunner JQL functions that are available to all users.

Utilising the simplicity of groovy, you can modify or extend ScriptRunner's library of useful JQL functions.

Below are just some examples of how you can use ScriptRunner JQL functions:

  • Use epicsOf to query on epic links, such as finding all epics that have unresolved stories.
  • Use issuesInEpics to find all stories for open epics in a project, and then look specifically at the status of issues, such as β€˜in progress.’

  • Use linkedIssuesOf to return linked issues, such as all unresolved issues that are blocked by open issues. 
  • Use parentsOf to return the parents of issues that you specify in a subquery.

Before you start

View the Enhanced Search training module outlining JQL functions and keywords.