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15 Minute Intro to ScriptRunner

This demo will introduce you to ScriptRunner's main features – in just 15 minutes.

ScriptRunner for Confluence Documentation

Read our documentation for in-depth feature descriptions and how-tos.

Popular Use Cases

Check out our YouTube videos for inspiration on popular use cases and how you can apply ScriptRunner for Confluence to your instance.

Adaptavist Script Library

Explore a variety of sample scripts to use with ScriptRunner for Confluence.

The Ultimate Admin Guide to Confluence Content Management

This ebook gives you a detailed, step-by-step solution for tackling content management in large, fast-scaling instances. Learn how to achieve and maintain a tidy Confluence without going crazy.

Our Ultimate Atlassian Admin Tips and Tricks

Learn admin tips & tricks used by our own Atlassian experts and consultants to save time and energy when working in Server and Data Center instances of Jira, Bitbucket, or Confluence.

Adaptavist ScriptRunner for Confluence Support

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Best practices for building effective, clutter-free, and scalable Confluence content

Have you ever looked at a space in Confluence and wondered where do I start? How do I find the content I’m looking for? How do I ensure the content I find is current?

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Top tips on how to build a great project homepage

We’ve all seen it before across the internet. You stumble across a homepage and it doesn’t tell you exactly what you want to know from the get-go. You either have to spend time searching for what you need, or you give up and click away. User experience is at the heart of what makes a good homepage on the web, the same can be said for your project homepages in Confluence.

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Use a Confluence labels system to keep content under control

As companies are working at break-neck speed to develop strategies for coping with the evolving situation, knowledge is being moved online, and collaboration needs to happen independent of space and time. Which means the volume of content created in Confluence is soaring.

Any admin will tell you that while creating content in Confluence is easy, managing it - especially in mature instances with 100s of thousands of pages and thousands of users, can be very difficult.

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Confluence templates made easy

We’ve all seen it and we’re all guilty of it. When it comes to creating content in Confluence we often don’t take the time to consider its long term survivability. We dive straight in, as do our colleagues, and before we realise it, there’s unstructured content everywhere, in as many different styles, formats and in as many locations as you have users. Not only does this make content difficult to find and digest, but if left unmanaged the problems scale to a point where removing an egg from an omelette would be less time-consuming.

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Using Confluence templates and blueprints to better structure your instance

Remote working is making Confluence content pile up faster than ever before. To help Confluence admins keep their sanity, we asked a few of our consultants to share some tips and tricks for efficient content management in Confluence.

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Never miss a beat in Confluence with ScriptRunner’s new watch features

When Confluence is growing fast, keeping an eye on everything going on in an entire space can quickly become overwhelming. Very often, you only need to watch one page tree rather than the entire space. And ideally you want to automatically track every descendant added to that space. Because this is not possible in Confluence, you risk missing important updates.

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Supercharge your Confluence searches with ScriptRunner

For a good reason, Confluence has become synonymous with collaboration. From sharing knowledge and ideas to managing projects and roadmaps, Confluence has it all.

Confluence has many great features, including giving you the ability to create, share and store your content all in one place. In this post, we’ll cover how to optimize your search capabilities in Confluence, to access and retrieve the content you need quickly and easily.

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Automatically create Jira issues from approved Confluence pages

Most teams building software products create product design documents in Confluence, approve them with management and then create corresponding epics in Jira with all the development and testing tasks. 

When it comes to adding reviews and approvals to Confluence pages, many companies swear by Comala Workflows. We’re happy to announce Comala Workflows is now integrated with ScriptRunner, and one of the most requested functionalities can be used immediately:  teams using both ScriptRunner for Confluence and Comala Workflows can now automatically create a Jira issue once a page is approved in Confluence.

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Find and replace text across several Confluence pages at once with ScriptRunner

During the November edition of our Champion Hour - ScriptRunner series, a ScriptRunner user asked us this question:

We keep having team names changed, which means we need to replace the team names on Confluence pages. How would you go about a find and replace Scriptrunner script that finds and replaces text within a Confluence page body?

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How to clean up Confluence in six steps

Keeping Confluence tidy is key to keeping it usable as a knowledge base. After years of intensive use and unregulated growth, most Confluence instances end up exhibiting common symptoms:

  • Outdated pages with unreliable content
  • Unnecessary content using up precious storage
  • Cluttered and confusing navigation

If ignored, these issues can develop into major problems. When users can’t find the content they’re looking for, or can’t rely on the pages they find in Confluence, they stop using it altogether and instead develop their own ‘knowledge silos’ - not something you’d want to happen if Confluence is going to be your single source of organisational truth. This last article in our ‘Confluence Content Management Automation' series is dedicated to cleaning up.

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Create a multi-language support desk experience with ScriptRunner

If you’re a company working with multiple languages, offering your end users a support experience in their preferred language should be a priority.

One of the most common setups for organisations providing IT support uses Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk) and Confluence, where Confluence acts as a knowledge base. The problem with this basic setup is that while users can adjust the language from the settings page in Jira Service Management and Confluence, the transition is not seamless and needs to be done in each application individually.

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