New Features

Watch Descendants is Now a Native Feature of ScriptRunner for Confluence

We have (finally!) finished migrating the core feature of the Notifications for Confluence plugin into ScriptRunner for Confluence as a native feature. Being able to watch the descendants of a page is a much sought-after feature in Confluence, and we’re glad to make it an important ScriptRunner for Confluence feature. You can read more in the descendants documentation.

Upgrade Path

If you have the Notifications plugin installed, uninstall the old Notifications plugin, then update ScriptRunner for Confluence. There won’t be too much harm in having the old plugin installed alongside the update, but that creates two Watch Descendants checkboxes, which would be confusing for end-users.

If you weren’t using the Notifications plugin, you only need to upgrade ScriptRunner for Confluence as you normally would.

Warning: No Data Migration

Any pages marked as Watched by the old plugin are still watched, but the information about which ancestor pages have the Watch Descendants checkbox ticked will not be migrated. If you were using the old Notifications plugin, end-users need to click Watch Descendants again on any pages that they wish to watch all descendants of.

Our rationale for avoiding data migration is that most of the problems with the old notifications plugin centered around its own migration tasks from an early data schema to a new one. Rather than put all ScriptRunner for Confluence customers at risk for similar problems, we decided to make a clean break between the old Notifications plugin and the new one.

A Word on Performance

We have tested the Watch Descendants feature against very large page trees under high load. It performs consistently with Atlassian’s load profiles for Confluence, and it performs as well as or better than the old Notifications app, which was itself used in some large production instances of Confluence.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1213 - Test on Borrow should be the default for LDAP connections.