Notifications Control for Copy Page Tree Space Administration

We’re continuing to add more detailed notifications control to our built-in scripts. The Copy Page Tree built-in script for space administrators is the latest to be updated. Using the Notifications checkbox, choose if you want to send a notification to users when copying the page tree from Advanced Space Functionality.

New Features

  • SRPLAT-1414 - You can now configure LDAP resource environment properties.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1412 - Internal database connections are now able to fall back to non-read-only.

  • SRPLAT-1401 - Running built-in scripts multiple times led to stuck loading spinners.

  • SRCONF-1017 - The Next Run label for jobs had the wrong calculations.

  • SRPLAT-1407 - Groovy has been updated to 2.5.14.