Integration with Slack

We have added a new resouce type representing a connection to Slack.

That, plus a simple API, allows you to message users and channels from within your event listeners and other extension points. Read more here.

New Bulk Delete Attachment Versions Built-In Script

A new script was added for Confluence space administrators to delete old attachment versions.

Notifications Control for Copy Page Tree

We’re continuing to add more detailed notifications control to our built-in scripts. The Copy Page Tree built-in script is the latest to be updated. Using the Notifications checkbox, choose if you want to send a notification to users when copying the page tree.

  • SRCONF-1583 - An issue that causes Copy Page Tree notifications to be sent to space watchers no matter the status of the checkbox has been reported.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1271 - When using existing REST Endpoints that use an inline script, you could not switch to the File tab without an error.

  • SRCONF-1562 - Disabling the Confluence Mentions plugin no longer disables ScriptRunner.

  • SRCONF-1553 - The details of the original author displayed for Change Content Author script was not accurate.

  • SRCONF-1510 - The ScriptRunner-based Page Info macro did not support an @SELF reference to the current page.

  • SRCONF-1087 - The Bulk Delete Comments built-in script preview threw an error for anonymous-created comments.