Space Admin Permissions Moved to Settings Page

To be more consistent with the rest of the permissions and product settings, permissions to restrict access to the Advanced Space Functionality have been moved to the Settings tab.

Notably, this included some changes to the underlying data schema. These will be invisible to users who follow a normal upgrade path, but it will mean that downgrading to prior releases after upgrading and making changes to permissions could see those changes disappear after a downgrade.

Rename titleTransform to pageTransform for Copy Page Tree and Rename Pages

The Copy Page Tree and Rename Pages built-in scripts have a blank code field that had the titleTransform closure included in the field’s binding. The closure allows you to make modifications to pages during the copying and/or renaming process.

That titleTransform closure is now named pageTransform. Since the closure can modify more than just the page title, this name better describes it.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1319 - Custom scripts returning String from getHelpUrl() did not work.

  • SRCONF-1407 - Script Jobs did not start after a restart.

  • SRCONF-1121 - Edit page restrictions prevented unauthorised users from using the Create Page macro.

  • SRPLAT-1313 - Script configurations can now be saved with a blank inline script.

  • SRCONF-1453 - The Legacy Page Information macro storage format was incompatible with the ScriptRunner-based Page Info macro.