• Released 21 Sep 2017

New Features

This version introduces built-in scripts for space admins. This feature allows space admins to take advantage of some of the built-in scripts that were only available to Confluence admins. This means less support tickets and a quicker resolution of administration tasks. Built-in scripts for space admins includes:

  • Bulk delete attachments

  • Bulk purge trash

  • Copy page tree

  • Delete page tree

  • Bulk delete comments

  • Copy space

  • Inherit permissions

To onboard your space admins quickly we’ve created a helpful how-to guide.

Please note that you may disable this feature or limit it by user or group should your users not require it. You can do this by following the steps in our documentation here.

Additionally the Lock Content Macro now allows to hide content from users that do not have permissions. This means you can now customize your content for different audiences.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRCONF-249] - Lock Content macro does not work on some cases
  • [SRCONF-238] - Unable to add new Script Job-CQL escalation service
  • [SRCONF-210] - Create from template button pointing at a wrong template after cloning