Enhanced Search

ScriptRunner for Confluence provides an Enhanced Search function that gives you a simple way to search your content using CQL without calling Atlassian's Confluence REST API. To perform a search, go to the Enhanced Search screen within your Confluence instance, enter your CQL query in the search bar and click the Search button.

For more information on creating a CQL query, refer to Atlassian's Advanced Searching using CQL documentation.

Open the Enhanced Search Page

You can access ScriptRunner Enhanced Search by clicking on the binocular icon in the Confluence header bar.

You can also access ScriptRunner Enhanced Search by clicking on the Take me there link on the message displayed on Confluence's Advanced Search page.

Create Your Query

Once you're on the Enhanced Search page, type your CQL query into the search bar.

A query in CQL consists of a field, followed by an operator, followed by a value or a function. Here are some examples of CQL queries:

  • Return all pages, blog posts, comments, or attachments contained within the DS space:
space = "DS"
  • Return all pages within the DS space:
space = "DS" and type = page
  • Return all pages that contain the phrase "start a discussion:
siteSearch ~ "start a discussion"
  • Return all content created by the currently logged in user:
creator = currentUser()

View Results

Once you have created your query, you can view the results by pressing Enter or clicking the Search button. If your CQL query is invalid, an error message is displayed that provides information about the error within your query. If your CQL query is valid, The Results table is displayed, showing all of the content that matches your query. If there are more than 100 matches, the table displays the first 100 results, and you can scroll through additional pages of the table to view more results.

You can access content in the Results table by clicking on the link in the Title field.

To perform another search, delete the query in the search bar, type another CQL query, and press Enter or click Search.