Use Inherit Restrictions for Pages to create pages that inherit the parent page restrictions. In Confluence, by default, view restrictions are inherited. This means that a view restriction applied to one page will cascade down to any child pages. Edit restrictions are not inherited, which means pages need to be restricted individually. Inherit Restrictions for Pages overcomes this default and offers administrators the option to specify which spaces should inherit page restrictions automatically.

Follow these steps to run the built-in script:

  1. Fill out the Location field:

    • Choose All Spaces to inherit restrictions in all spaces across the instance.

    • Choose Select Spaces to inherit restrictions only on a subset of spaces.
      If you choose Select Spaces, a space picker appears where you can select multiple spaces.

  2. Select Add.

The Inherit Restrictions for Pages listener considers only the immediate parent page restrictions and applies them to newly created pages. The listener does not apply cumulative restrictions from all the ancestors of a page.

Read more about page restrictions in the Confluence Page Restrictions documentation.Follow these steps to configure the listener: