Event Listeners

ScriptRunner allows you to respond to Confluence events, via an inline script or a pointer to a file. These responses are called event listeners.

Example event listeners follow:

  • Ensuring a Jira project exists for a corresponding Confluence space

  • Sending an email when a space is deleted

  • Set up a publishing process for new spaces

When you opt to Add Examples for listeners and select Send notifications when a page label is added, you need a mail server configured. If a mail server is not configured, you will get an error.

Browse Listeners Functionality

After you click Create Listener, a search bar appears that allows you to Search ScriptRunner Functionality. Use this search bar to search for available event listeners.

For example, if you’re looking for an event listener that works remotely you could type "Remote" and press Enter. Then, the list of event listeners is narrowed down to only those containing the word "remote" in their title or description.

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For help with events, please visit Confluence Events and Descriptions.

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