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Groovy 3 update

This is the update you've all been waiting for. We have updated ScriptRunner for Confluence to Groovy 3! What comes with this update and how will it benefit you? 

To start, the language parser has been reimplemented in Groovy 3 under the Parrot Parser codename. This new parser brings a number of syntax improvements that could benefit you as a user of ScriptRunner. The Groovy 3 syntax improvements include the following:

In addition, there are a handful of minor general improvements, for example, new GDK methods or the @NullCheck AST transformation.

For a full list of changes, see the release notes for Groovy 3

Breaking changes

There are a number of known breaking changes in Groovy 3. The breaking changes include relocation of some classes to different packages. All the other breaking changes for Groovy 3 are listed in the release notes. There are also some additional minor breaking changes in Groovy 3.0.5. and Groovy 3.0.8.

We don't believe that any of these changes are significant, or that they should affect a large number of ScriptRunner users. However, there is a chance this update may cause some of your scripts to fail. 

If you have any issues, please contact our customer support team here

SrSpecification has been deprecated

In the past, when writing tests, we provided an example to extend com.onresolve.scriptrunner.canned.common.admin.SrSpecification

SrSpecification will be removed in a future release of ScriptRunner, but is still available in the current release. From now on, please use spock.lang.Specification as the base for your tests.

Lock Content macro has been removed

We deprecated the Lock Content macro in release 6.27.0, and gave notice then that the macro would be removed in a future release. That is now happening with the release of 7.0.0.

You can check to see if the Lock Content macro is used on any of your pages by using Enhanced Search and searching for macro = "lock-content-macro". This returns a list of any pages that use the macro.

You can then decide how to handle the removal of the macro from each page. You could, for example, change the page permissions. Or you could move the content to a secured page and use the Include Page macro.

If you have issues related to the removal of the macro, please contact us via our support portal for assistance. If you have a request for functionality similar to the Lock Content macro, please open a new feature request with Support. By creating these requests, we can better understand your use case and help you solve problems.

Jsoup update

We have updated our internal version of Jsoup to 1.15.3 due to a potential vulnerability. The key change is the replacement of with Please find more information at

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