The main features of ScriptRunner allow you to customize, extend, and automate Confluence. Using these features, you can manage pages, spaces, and users. 

Content Management

Don’t let your growing instance become a jungle of stale, unstructured content where users get easily lost.

  • Identify the content you need to rework or delete using advanced searches; analyse it, then action it automatically.
  • Save time by deleting trash, comments, attachments or old page versions in bulk, or remove all inactive users in one swoop.
  • Manage access at scale by setting restrictions, hiding page sections, or controlling watch capabilities for entire groups.


Create unique enhancements to improve user engagement, content navigation, and links with other business-critical systems.

  • Give users access to powerful macros.
  • Integrate with external systems like Salesforce or Xero using the RestAPI.
  • Control and modify the UI to display custom messages or add new buttons that link to other sites.


Automate any time-consuming or repetitive action by running scripts on schedule, on-demand, or triggered by events.

  • Troubleshooting becomes easier when you can assume the identity of another user or access important log info with one click.
  • Select content based on your very specific criteria and action it automatically.
  • Trigger content creation from templates.

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