Copy Page Tree

Use Copy Page Tree to copy a tree of pages to anywhere else. To run the built-in script, you must have permission to view all the pages you are copying and permission to edit the target root page.

Follow these steps to run the built-in script:

  1. Enter the page you want to work with in Source Page.
  2. Enter a space in Target Space to select the page the information is copied to.
  3. Enter text you want at the beginning of the title in Title Prefix.
  4. Enter text you want at the end of the title in Title Suffix.

  5. Use Title Replace to find and replace words in a title when copying.
  6. Select what types of things you want to be copied:
    • Inline Comments
    • Page Comments
    • Notifications

      Currently, Atlassian doesn't provide a way to suppress notifications for users mentioned in a comment in Confluence. Any user mentioned in a comment gets notified whether the *Notifications* checkbox is checked or not if comments are copied.

  7. Select Run.
    You can select Preview instead of Run to view changes before implementing them.
    Once you select Run, the Results of the script appear.

Example Scenario

When a new version of a product is released, product documentation is released with it. You can copy the entire documentation page tree, version v1.0, using Copy Page Tree. When the next version of the product is released, copy the v1.0 tree and convert v1.0 to v2.0.

Links and image links within the copied page tree automatically update to reflect any new page titles. If you have a link where "v1.0 Product Doc/Introduction" links to "v1.0 Product Doc/Getting Started", the copied page tree "Introduction" links to "v2.0 Product Doc/Getting Started."

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