Update Macro Performance

The larger the number of pages affected, the longer this script will take to execute. Your experience will vary based on the CPU, memory, and disk speed of your server(s). Here are some example figures from our own quality assurance team:

Number of pagesNumber of macros on the pageNumber of parameters updatedExecution time

5.5 seconds

72148.8 seconds
1261413 seconds
1261113 seconds
500141 minute, 20 seconds
1000144 minutes
10001217 minutes
10001247 minutes

As you can see, the script's execution time doesn't increase much based on the number of parameters. The primary things driving performance are the number of pages affected and the number of macros on those pages.

In short, don't worry if the script is taking a long time for a lot of pages. If you'd like to share your own real-world experience with the script, please let us know through our support portal!