Advanced CQL searches are made up of three parts:

  • Field (examples: space, creator, lastModified)

  • Operator (like = or !=)

  • Value/Function (what you want to search for)

field = "value"

To search for a specific label in your Confluence instances, use the field label followed by the operator = followed by a value test to search for the test label.

An example Advanced Search result.

You can combine CQL statements for more advanced searches using AND and OR.

field = "value" AND field = "value"

Use the previous example of label = "test" followed by an operator of AND to search for a second statement to search for a label of users, label = "users".

An example Advanced Search result.

You can use the order of operations to search for multiple CQL statements.

*(field = "value" *AND field = "value") OR (*field = "value")*

Building off the previous example, I also want to search for spaces with the title "Development Notes," but I don’t need that space to have the labels of "test" and "users."

An example Advanced Search result.

For more information, visit Advanced Searching Using CQL and Performing Text Searches Using CQL Atlassian documentation.