This is an advanced built-in script. Use XPath Search in Pages to search each page’s source using the provided XPath expression. You could use this script if you require a high degree of control over the presentation of your wiki pages, and you want to make sure everything is correct.

XPath Search in Pages is more powerful for searching for structural problems than the Confluence search, but it is slower. It is best only to run this built-in script on a single space. It takes about 1.5 seconds to search a space with 2,500 pages.

To use XPath Search in Pages, you should be reasonably familiar with the Confluence XHTML storage format, and/or be prepared to examine a page’s source with the Confluence Source Editor in order to work out what expression you need.

Follow these steps to run the built-in script:

  1. Fill out Space to view the contained pages.

    Once you select a space, Pages appears.

  2. Select what page trees you want to work with by selecting the checkbox next to them.

  3. Enter the expression in Xpath Query.

    Select Show Examples for common expressions to use with this built-in script.

  4. Select Run.

    You can select Preview instead of Run to view changes before implementing them.

    Once you select Run, the Results of the script appear.