The settings page (Cog tab) is only accessible for group members with System Administrators permission.

System Admin Only Script Edit Permission

By default, all Confluence Administrators can edit and execute scripts. However, Script Edit permissions can optionally be restricted to a smaller set of users.

When this setting is disabled, all members of the System Administrators group, and any group with the Confluence Administrators global permission, can edit scripts (this is the default state after you install the plugin).

Enabling this setting allows you to control which groups can edit ScriptRunner scripts. Note that only groups with the Confluence Administrators global permission can be authorised to edit scripts. This means that you can restrict "edit script" access only to some of the Confluence Administrators groups, for instance, those with System Administrator permissions only. Please also note that when you add new groups, only groups that already have Confluence Administrators global permission assigned will be suggested.

Members of System Administrators group have access to full functionality of ScriptRunner regardless of status of Script Edit Permission setting.

script edit permissions

Switch to a Different User Built-in Script

The Switch User built-in script allows administrator users to temporarily assume the identity of another user.

This script is enabled by default. However, if you have extremely strong compliance requirements you may wish to disable this feature.

Users with Script Edit Permissions can still create scripts that perform a user switch, via the API.

To enable or disable Switch User follow the steps below:

  1. Click the administrator Cog

  2. Navigate to ScriptRunner in the sidebar and select ScriptRunner Settings.

    Alternatively, if you are already on a ScriptRunner administration tab, click the Cog tab.

  3. Toggle Switch to a Different User Script on/off.

Space Administration Permissions

By default, any Space Administrator has access to some code-free ScriptRunner functionality that helps them administer their space. You can restrict which users, groups, or spaces have access to that feature here.

The toggle defaults to off. To use this feature, you must toggle it on.

Entering a value in the following fields means access will not be granted:

  • Restricted Users

  • Restricted Groups

  • Restricted Spaces

Enter one or more values in each field you want to configure.

Finally, you can check Disable in All Spaces to prevent any Space Administrator from using the code-free Advanced Space Functionality.

Anonymous Analytics

Anonymous Analytics collects ScriptRunner usage data, together with platform version, plugin version, and SEN, allowing Adaptavist to gain insight into ScriptRunner usage. All data collected is for internal use only. See our EULA for more information.

Anonymous Analytics is enabled by default (if Atlassian analytics is enabled).

To enable or disable Anonymous Analytics follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page by clicking any option from the administration Cog menu.

  2. Click ScriptRunner Settings under ScriptRunner in the sidebar.

    Alternatively, if you are already on a ScriptRunner administration tab, click the Cog tab.

  3. Toggle Anonymous Analytics on/off.

    If Atlassian analytics is disabled, the toggle is greyed out. To check if Atlassian analytics is enabled, select Analytics under Administration in the sidebar.