Retiring Support for Internet Explorer

From Feburary 1st 2021 ScriptRunner will no longer support Internet Explorer. See our full statement for more information.

Browse Page

Use the Browse Page to search and discover ScriptRunner functionality.

Find scripts with ease by typing keywords into the search bar, or by filtering by category.

browse page

See more information in the documentation.

Script Renaming

As part of the Browse Page work above, some scripts have been renamed so that their names are clearer and more closely align with their functionality.

See below for all changes to script names:

Old script nameNew script name

Auto Configure Delete Branch Checkbox

Check Delete Branch Checkbox

Clone a repository

Clone repository configuration

Configure mirrored repositories

View and configure mirrored repositories

Custom event handler

Custom Listener

Custom script hook (pre-hook)

Custom pre-hook

Custom scripted post hook

Custom post-hook

Deactivate users

Run or schedule user deactivation

Max repository size notification

Run or schedule repository size limit email

Mirror Bitbucket Cloud User Or Team

Mirror Bitbucket Cloud repositories

Mirror Bitbucket Server User Or Project

Mirror Bitbucket Server repositories

Mirror GitHub Organisation

Mirror GitHub repositories

Mirror a GitLab user or group

Mirror GitLab repositories

Naming standard enforcement (listener)

Project and repository naming standards enforcement

Naming standard enforcement (pre-hook)

Branch and tag naming standards enforcement

Pull request policy advice

Respond to pushes if pull request is outdated or conflicted

Remote custom event handler dispatcher

Remote custom listener dispatcher

Require a number of approvers

Require a minimum number of approvers

Require pull request to be associated with a valid Jira issue

Require that a pull request is associated with a valid Jira issue

Send mail (job)

Run or schedule custom email

Send mail (listener)

Send custom email on event

Send mail (post-hook)

Send a mail in response to a commit push

Bug Fixes

  • SRBITB-827 - The Include Ref Prefix toggle was missing from the Naming Standard Enforcement Hook.