Storing Environmental Variables

Want to simplify migrating from a test instance to production? Check out our new Storing Environmental Variables documentation for best practices.

Hooks, Listeners, and Merge Checks for Project Administrators

This release adds the ability for project administrators to configure ScriptRunner hooks, listeners and merge checks within projects that they administer (SRBITB-434).

In the past, the above capability was only available to repository administrators and global Bitbucket administrators, which meant that only a global administrator could configure a feature for a specific project and all child repositories. If a project administrator wanted to apply a script to all of the repositories in their project, they would have had to configure the script individually on each repository, meaning that a configuration could not be shared across all repositories in the project.

Project administrators now have access to the same scripts available to repository administrators, and are able to configure them in projects they administer (including all child repositories).

bitbucket project admin merge checks

Project administrators are subject to the same security restrictions regarding the code they can write as repository administrators.

This initial release does not support Atlassian’s Data Center Migration tool to migrate project administrator configurations between instances, we plan to add support for this in the future: SRBITB-882

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1364 - Script Editor failed to open files with national characters created on 6.11.0.

  • SRBITB-880 - PullRequestCommentEvent#getComment is permitted at the repository level.