• Released 15 May 2019. 

New Features

Anonymous Analytics

Anonymous Analytics collects data allowing Adaptavist to gain insight into ScriptRunner usage. A new settings option allows administrators to switch Anonymous Analytics on or off. See our documentation for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-384] - Pull Request Open Prevention command could be better
  • [SRBITB-417] - Pull request event handlers block creation of pull request when merging a branch in a fork to the origin repository branch
  • [SRBITB-429] - Paths Matching conditions process only first 1000 changes per commit/changeset


  • Released 17 April 2019.


Update to Bitbucket Cloud Mirroring Web Hooks

Due to the decision by Atlassian to deprecate and then subsequently remove version 1.0 of the Bitbucket Cloud API, as detailed here, this release includes an update, which upon installation will automatically create a new 2.0 API compatible Web Hook, to replace the existing URL POST Service, for those repos configured to use Web Hooks during mirroring.

Should you encounter any issues with your mirroring configuration following the 29th April 2019, such as the Web Hooks not installing correctly, it is advised that you re-configure your Bitbucket mirroring setup.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-423] - Update Bitbucket Cloud Mirroring REST API usage to version 2.0
  • [SRBITB-432] - Convert TrustedCommitAuthors to use new hooks API
  • [SRBITB-452] - Editor for Custom script Pre Hook and Post Hook highlights as error valid value for commitCallback


  • Released 13 March 2019.

New Features

Code Insight

This release includes our first version of code insight, a set of features designed to increase productivity, discovery, and enjoyment, when writing code in ScriptRunner.

This consists of code completions, parameter lookups, and javadoc links (javadoc links currently for Jira only).

Take a look at the documentation for more information.

Removal of Branch and Tag Naming Rule Enforcer Event Handler Functionality

Due to the decision by Atlassian to deprecate and then subsequently remove the events BranchCreationRequestedEvent and TagCreationRequestedEvent, we have taken the decision to deprecate the Branch and Tag Naming Rule Enforcer event handler to the extent that, while the configuration will still exist within ScriptRunner for future reference, it will no longer have any effect from this point onwards.

When editing the Branch and Tag Naming Rule Enforcer event handler the user is displayed with the following message:

This event handler is deprecated and has no effect. Use the pre-receive hook of the same name instead.

As indicated by the message, from this point onwards, in order to maintain the same functionality, users should make sure to have configured the Branch and Tag Naming Rule Enforcer pre-receive hook instead.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-430] - Convert Require Valid Jira Issue hook to use new hooks API
  • [SRBITB-431] - Convert Max Filesize hook to use new hooks API
  • [SRBITB-433] - Branch Naming Merge Check does not work when creating branches in UI