• Released 06 Feb 2019.


Update to Cloning of ScriptRunner Settings When Cloning a Repository

In addition to the below bug fix [SRBITB-424] regarding the correct cloning of ScriptRunner settings (i.e. pre-hooks, post-hooks, merge checks and event handlers), we have also made the following changes to the feature:

  • Cloning of ScriptRunner settings is now mandatory, when performing a repository clone.
  • We have reversed the decision made for [SRBITB-357] and now all ScriptRunner settings are applied to the cloned repository, that currently apply to the source repository, regardless of the permissions of the user performing the clone.

The above changes were made to make the cloning of a repository more robust and secure in all circumstances. If you no longer need a ScriptRunner setting applied following a repository clone, they can be retrospectively deleted or edited for the cloned repository.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-413] - Project or repo admin can't see list of event types to select when adding or editing an event handler
  • [SRBITB-424] - Cloning of ScriptRunner objects in Bitbucket applies cloned repo to all SR objects with the same name


  • Released 07 Jan 2019.


  • [SRBITB-419] - Mirror Syncing fails with Github if archived repos exist


  • Released 11 Dec 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-407] - List of event handlers not displayed when events to listen for are empty
  • [SRBITB-414] - Require valid Jira issue hook doesn't exclude merge commits


  • Released 14 Nov 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-391] - Multiple event handlers for the same asynchronous event can cause race conditions


  • Released 30 Oct 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-388] - As a user when pushing tags in require jira issue pre-hook the push is slow


  • Released 03 Oct 2018.
  • Compatible with Bitbucket Server 5.14.


Dynamically Configure Email in send Mail Script

There is an additional mail configuration section in the send mail script which allows you to configure fields such as to the to and from addresses based on information from the specific event or commits depending on which extension point you use.

If you click expand examples under the mail configuration and click customize the email you’ll see an example on how to do this.

New Features

  • [SRBITB-221] - Allow from address and recipients to be set dynamically in send mail script

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-380] - Repo slug doesn't always get replaced with numerical ID when saving hook config
  • [SRBITB-381] - Max repository size notification email doesn't have separate rows in table
  • [SRBITB-385] - Adding items as a project or repository admin returns 401
  • [SRBITB-389] - As a repository admin static type checker lozenge keep spinning forever
  • [SRBITB-390] - All upgrade tasks are not run
  • [SRBITB-392] - Repository admin can not delete repository level items
  • [SRBITB-396] - Bitbucket 5.14 compatibility


  • Released 31 Aug 2018.

New Features


  • Released 13 Aug 2018.

New Features

Hooks API Support

We now support writing your hooks using the new hooks API Atlassian have introduced in Bitbucket 5.

This is most relevant if your writing your own custom hooks as the API easily provides you with the data you need, reducing the cost involved in getting up and running with writing a custom hook. It also comes in useful if you want your hook to be applied to both changes coming in through the UI and for a regular Git push.

Please see the custom pre-hooks and post-hooks section for further examples of this.

Clone ScriptRunner Items

You now have the option to clone configured ScriptRunner items when you use the built-in clone repository script. These include event handlers, pre/post-hooks and merge checks.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-318] - misc problems with BBS
  • [SRBITB-357] - Only clone per-repo items for project level clone repository script
  • [SRBITB-358] - Repository size report doesn't display pie chart at project level
  • [SRBITB-360] - Project and repository level admin sections redirect to login if not a full admin
  • [SRBITB-362] - Application link picker broken in require commits to be associated with Jira issues
  • [SRBITB-364] - Fix TrustedCommitAuthorsCustom hook for multiple regexes
  • [SRBITB-365] - Update Getting Started screen
  • [SRBITB-368] - Preview button should be hidden for some items
  • [SRBITB-369] - Export as CSV for Project repo size report exports all projects
  • [SRBITB-370] - Configure mirrored repos fails to load
  • [SRBITB-378] - Add missing mirroring test
  • [SRBITB-379] - Configure mirrored repos destination is not displayed
  • [SRBITB-222] - Add documentation for repository size report


  • Released 15 June 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-361] - Per-repo built-ins from plugins fail to load


  • Released 31 May 2018.

Bug Fixes


  • Released 06 Feb 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-312] - ScriptRunner event handlers loading slowly
  • [SRBITB-319] - Auto merge event handler deletes branches that should not be deleted


  • Released 29 May 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-319] - Auto merge event handler deletes branches that should not be deleted