• Released 04 Oct 2017.


Script Jobs

Script Jobs allow administrators to run their own code at regular intervals.

While you can write your custom Script Job, there are a number of built-in jobs which give administrators more control over their Bitbucket Server instance.

The built-in ones include:

To find out more about Script Jobs click here. Or to get started go to Admin → ScriptRunner → Script Jobs in Bitbucket Server.

New Features

  • [SRBITB-202] - Bitbucket Script Jobs
  • [SRBITB-203] - Ability for administrator to write a custom scripted job
  • [SRBITB-204] - Script job to deactivate users periodically
  • [SRBITB-205] - Script job to perform repository maintenance periodically
  • [SRBITB-248] - Send custom email Script Job


  • Released 08 Sep 2017.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRPLAT-188] - Scripts that need to be recompiled are not displayed in the UI