Web Panel

Web panels can be used to add HTML snippets to parts of a page. They could be used to display additional information on pull requests, repository pages, etc. 

For more information, see the web panels Atlassian documentation.


If you want to inform users that a particular repository is to be deprecated, you can use a web panel to ask them to update a different repository.

  1. Fill out the form:

    The weight field is optional, and it only takes positive integers. Lower integers make the panel appear at the top of the section. If the field is blank, appears at the end of the section.

    For the Provider Class/Scripts, you can also paste the code inline or into a file, and then point to the file.

    You must write to the provided writer objects and not just return a string

    This is the result of the above web panel: 


Conditions are largely the same as for web item conditions.

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