Release 5.x

Check out what's new for ScriptRunner for Bitbucket. 


  • Released 16 April 2020.
  • Behind the scenes, the deprecation information behind the code editor has been improved.

New Features

  • SRPLAT-1022 - There is now an Exit button for the Switch User built-in script.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1055 - Script editor did not enable vertical scroll when too many lines were added.

  • SRBITB-683 - The Automatically Configure Delete Branch Checkbox event handler worked even when branch deletion wasn’t permitted.

  • SRBITB-660 - The Naming Standards hook removed useful contextual information from ref names.


  • Released 31 March 2020.

Bug Fixes

  • SRBITB-690 - Mirroring upgrade task throws exception if no configuration is present

  • SRPLAT-931 - The code editor did not show method deprecation warnings for SAL.


  • Released 25 March 2020.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-999 - Script Editor - deprecations of inner classes are now correctly shown.

  • SRBITB-412 - There was a static type checking error when using projectKey in JQL query template.

  • SRPLAT-931 - The code editor did not show method deprecation warnings for SAL.

  • SRBITB-682 - Deprecation hints were enabled in Script Editor for Bitbucket 7.

  • SRBITB-678 - Deprecation hints were enabled in Script Editor for Bitbucket 6.


  • Released 11 March 2020.

New Features

  • SRBITB-631 - When configuring pathsMatch, you can now include only LFS files.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-962 - Cron descriptions now display the correct weekday.


  • Released 27 Feb 2020.

New Features

  • SRBITB-631 - When configuring pathsMatch, you can now include only LFS files.

  • SRBITB-355 - The Require Commits to Be Associated with Jira Issue script now has an option to check commit messages, not branch names, to ensure that every commit that is merged into master has a Jira issue key.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-948 - Conditions on Web Fragments created prior to release 5.6.15 are now visible.

  • SRBITB-299 - The CreateDefaultPullRequestTasks listener had conflicts with WorkZone listeners.


  • Released 11 Feb 2020.

Bug Fixes


  • Released 27 Jan 2020.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-908 - A bug that prevented editing of previously configured script files has been fixed.


  • Released 22 Jan 2020.


IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Deprecation

We are officially deprecating the IntelliJ IDEA plugin, also known as the Adaptavist Power Editor. ScriptRunner 5.6.13 contains the last bugfix we will ship for this feature, and 0.7.20 is the last release we will make on the JetBrains marketplace. Future support requests for this feature will be referred to this deprecation notice.

As can be seen from the review history on our JetBrains marketplace listing, we haven’t been consistently keeping up with JetBrains’s quarterly release schedule, due to prioritization constraints.

Reasons for the Change

Two key concerns motivated our decision to deprecate: the opportunity cost of developing the Adaptavist Power Editor and its overlap with other ScriptRunner features.

The IntelliJ IDEA platform is a rich, fast-moving one. Just about every release requires refactoring some part of our plugin’s codebase. As users of IntelliJ IDEA, we love this rapid development. However, it is a challenge to keep up with developing a secondary plugin that is not our core product, while also keeping an eye on the Atlassian release cycle. While IntelliJ IDEA was an interesting platform to expand into, it required more focus than we were able to give it.

Further, we are continuing to maintain and develop two other features which meet most of the needs met by the IntelliJ Plugin. These are the Code Editor and the scriptrunner-samples repository for local development.

The Code Editor provides smart completions, parameter hints, and javadoc lookup. While that’s nowhere near the feature set provided by IntelliJ IDEA, it does provide a rich development experience, one which we’d like to develop further. Most importantly, the Code Editor is up and running by default with no setup.

For users who want a deeper development experience and don’t mind some setup, developing a Script Plugin affords a fully featured IDE, git integration, the ability to save script configuration as code, and other developer tools.

With the addition of the Code Editor (with built-in autocompletion), and the new Script Editor (allowing users to save files in script roots), the Adaptavist Power Editor had a very niche user base with a very high maintenance burden. Although we had reservations about deprecating the IntelliJ IDEA integration due to feature loss in the short term, increased investment in the core ScriptRunner product is our priority.

Continuing to let the Adaptavist Power Editor lag with late compatibility updates wasn’t fair to our users, and we are committed to delivering more new features and improvements to the ScriptRunner product itself.

Ultimately, creating a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA was a valuable experiment. It taught us important lessons about providing a rich code editor that we still want to incorporate into the core Code Editor. We would love to hear from you which aspects you found most valuable. Please contact us through our support portal if there are features you would like to request for the Code Editor.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-830 - IntelliJ Integration that was broken in 5.6.6 and beyond, is now fixed.

  • SRBITB-621 - Audit logs are no longer created for frequently run scripts.


  • Released 22 Jan 2020.


ScriptRunner Remote Events Code Execution Vulnerability

An HTTP POST made to /rest/scriptrunner/latest/remote-events with a specially crafted JSON payload could lead to unrestricted Groovy code execution for any logged-in user, regardless of permissions.

This security vulnerability has been fixed in ScriptRunner 5.6.12; it is recommended all customers upgrade to 5.6.12+ where possible.

If no firewall is enabled, users must update ScriptRunner to include this security patch.

Temporary Workaround

If you are unable to upgrade immediately, blocking HTTP requests beginning with <base_url>rest/scriptrunner/*/remote-events mitigates the vulnerability.

To verify the workaround is applied correctly check that requests to <base_url>rest/scriptrunner/*/remote-events/ are denied.

Below are examples of how to apply the workaround in Apache and Tomcat by blocking requests to the ScriptRunner Remote Events endpoint at the reverse proxy, load-balancer or application server level.

Please note that Adaptavist Support does not provide any assistance for configuring reverse proxies. Consequently, we provide the below examples as is, with no support and no written or implied warranties. To verify the workaround is applied correctly check that requests to <base_url>rest/scriptrunner/*/remote-events/ are denied.

Apache HTTPD Reverse Proxy

Apache 2.4 Syntax

Add the following into the .conf file containing the virtualhost that proxies to the Atlassian application.

<LocationMatch "/rest/scriptrunner/.*/remote-events/">
Require all denied
<VirtualHost *:80>
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyVia Off
<Proxy *>
     Require all granted
ProxyPass /jira  http://ipaddress:8080/jira
ProxyPassReverse /jira  http://ipaddress:8080/jira
    <LocationMatch "/rest/scriptrunner/.*/remote-events/">
        Require all denied

Apache 2.2 Syntax

Add the following into the .conf file containing the virtualhost that proxies to the Atlassian application:

<LocationMatch "/rest/scriptrunner/.*/remote-events/">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from  all
<VirtualHost *:80>
    ProxyRequests Off
    ProxyVia Off
    <Proxy *>
         Require all granted
    ProxyPass /jira  http://ipaddress:8080/jira
    ProxyPassReverse /jira  http://ipaddress:8080/jira
    <LocationMatch "/rest/scriptrunner/.*/remote-events/">
         Order Allow,Deny
         Deny from  all

Tomcat urlrewrite.xml

Redirect requests to /rest/scriptrunner/.*/remote-events/.* to a safe URL.

  1. Add the following to the <urlrewrite> section of [jira-installation-directory]/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/urlrewrite.xml:

    <to type="temporary-redirect">/</to>

  2. Save the urlrewrite.xml.

  3. Restart the Atlassian application.


  • Released 9 Jan 2020.

New Features

Built In Script For Viewing And Deleting Orphaned Personal Repositories

This release includes a new built-in administrative script, which allows you to view and delete orphaned personal repositories. An orphaned repository is a personal repository which no longer has an owner, either because the owner has been deleted or become inactive.

Bitbucket has no built in support for viewing orphaned repositories: BSERV-7265.

This new built-in script provides a list of orphaned repositories and optionally allows the administrator to delete all orphaned repositories.

See our Built-In Scripts documentation for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-873 - Settings could have been null, which caused NPE in various locations.

  • SRPLAT-864 - An invalid object name, null.AO_31728E_SR_USER_PROP, was added when the plugin was run against an instance running on MS SQL Server.


  • Released 12 Dec 2019.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-670 - An exception was generated when adding or removing an event in the Events field on the Custom Event Listener screen.

  • SRBITB-603 - While on Bitbucket 6, the check icons did not render while using configured mirrors script.

  • SRBITB-584 - Old branch and tag naming standards hooks did not respond to UI-based triggers.


  • Released 27 Nov 2019.

Bug Fixes


  • Released 07 Nov 2019.

New Features

  • SRBITB-548 - Mirroring has been extended to work with GitLab in addition to GitHub. Find out more information about GitLab mirroring in the Built-In Scripts documentation.

  • SRBITB-455 - Mirroring has been extended to work with other Bitbucket Server instances. Find out more information about mirroring for servers in the Built-In Scripts documentation.

  • SRBITB-310 - Audit logging was set up for all ScriptRunner items when they are added, deleted, and updated.

  • SRBITB-246 - Mirroring of GitHub Enterprise was added. Find out more information about GitHub mirroring in the Built-In Scripts documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-774 - There was a MissingPropertyException in subclasses of AbstractBaseRestEndpoint when accessing the log field.

  • SRPLAT-773 - YAML files were not auto-deploying saved script configurations in custom plugin jars.

  • SRBITB-547 - MaxFilesizeHook checked the LFS pointer files instead of the size of LFS pointers.

  • SRBITB-470 - The user interface (UI) was updated to remove misleading custom event handler and hook user instructions.


  • Released 28 Oct 2019.

New Features

  • SRBITB-475 - Mirroring of private Github user repos is now allowed.

  • Manage your .groovy script files using the new ScriptRunner Script Editor.


  • Released 07 Oct 2019.

New Features

  • SRBITB-397 - A new canned script was added that can enable the Delete Source Branch checkbox to be checked by default on pull request (PR) merges.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-715 - The use of class autocompletion with an as cast operation was fixed.

  • SRPLAT-712 - An exception thrown by getting docs on a variable no longer occurs.

  • SRPLAT-709 - The fragment finder context variables overlay was added.

  • SRPLAT-703 - The missing Idea Integration icon was added back to code editors.

  • SRBITB-551 - The Auto Add Reviewers REST endpoint checks to see if the handler is disabled. If it is disabled, it does not fill in the Reviewers field in a PR creation UI.

  • SRBITB-541 - Support was added for proxy authentication for Github and Bitbucket mirroring.

  • SRBITB-539 - The Protect Git Refs canned script now responds to UI triggers.

  • SRBITB-398 - Email comparison in the trusted authors hook is now case-insensitive.

  • SRBITB-178 - ScriptRunner for BitBucket captures a full response if HTML is returned in mirroring. Previously, only JSON was captured.

  • Released 19 Sep 2019.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-555] - Hooks get applied to requests they can't handle


  • Released 17 Sep 2019.

New Features

Critical Security Update

This release fixes a security vulnerability that has been discovered in ScriptRunner for Bitbucket. The vulnerability affects version 3.0.17 - 5.6.1 (inclusive) of ScriptRunner for Bitbucket.

The vulnerability is classified as critical in line with Atlassian’s Security Levels.

ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server and Data Center prior to version 5.6.3 allowed logged in users to create and execute scripts without the correct privileges being applied by sending a specially crafted request. This could mean that a user can escalate their privileges and execute arbitrary code.

Introducing Data Center Migration Support for ScriptRunner

From release 5.6.3, ScriptRunner for Bitbucket now includes support for Altassian’s Data Center Migration Tool.

Please see the Data Center Migration Support documentation for more details on which ScriptRunner objects are exported by the tool and how they are applied to the import instance.

Other New Features

  • [SRBITB-405] - Allow users to use the Hooks API to write custom merge checks
  • [SRBITB-444] - Provide Importer/Exporter modules for easy DC migration

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-309] - The Send Mail script job ran conditions twice.
  • [SRBITB-553] - User privilege escalation.
  • [SRPLAT-658] - Could not use code completion features with @WithPlugin for some plugins.
  • [SRPLAT-680] - Dependent plugin classes weren't loaded correctly.


  • Released 15 Aug 2019.

New Features

  • [SRPLAT-96] - Custom event listeners should be able to listen to events provided by plugins

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-230] - Allow mirrored repositories that have been moved or deleted to be removed
  • [SRBITB-268] - Log capture doesn't work
  • [SRBITB-427] - Custom email scripts don't run Configuration script until after subject/body templates have already been evaluated
  • [SRBITB-437] - SimpleUserAccessGrant class not found when cloning a repo with branch permissions
  • [SRBITB-449] - Whitelist MinimalRepositoryRef class
  • [SRBITB-451] - Trusted Commit Authors hook doesn't match names when trust level set to "All authors must have WRITE access to this repository"
  • [SRBITB-477] - Switch User isn't compatible with BB 6 API
  • [SRBITB-479] - Static type checker doesn't recognize 'event' as being in the bindings for event handlers


  • Released 15 May 2019. 

New Features

Anonymous Analytics

Anonymous Analytics collects data allowing Adaptavist to gain insight into ScriptRunner usage. A new settings option allows administrators to switch Anonymous Analytics on or off. See our documentation for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-384] - Pull Request Open Prevention command could be better
  • [SRBITB-417] - Pull request event handlers block creation of pull request when merging a branch in a fork to the origin repository branch
  • [SRBITB-429] - Paths Matching conditions process only first 1000 changes per commit/changeset


  • Released 17 April 2019.


Update to Bitbucket Cloud Mirroring Web Hooks

Due to the decision by Atlassian to deprecate and then subsequently remove version 1.0 of the Bitbucket Cloud API, as detailed here, this release includes an update, which upon installation will automatically create a new 2.0 API compatible Web Hook, to replace the existing URL POST Service, for those repos configured to use Web Hooks during mirroring.

Should you encounter any issues with your mirroring configuration following the 29th April 2019, such as the Web Hooks not installing correctly, it is advised that you re-configure your Bitbucket mirroring setup.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-423] - Update Bitbucket Cloud Mirroring REST API usage to version 2.0
  • [SRBITB-432] - Convert TrustedCommitAuthors to use new hooks API
  • [SRBITB-452] - Editor for Custom script Pre Hook and Post Hook highlights as error valid value for commitCallback


  • Released 13 March 2019.

New Features

Code Insight

This release includes our first version of code insight, a set of features designed to increase productivity, discovery, and enjoyment, when writing code in ScriptRunner.

This consists of code completions, parameter lookups, and javadoc links (javadoc links currently for Jira only).

Take a look at the documentation for more information.

Removal of Branch and Tag Naming Rule Enforcer Event Handler Functionality

Due to the decision by Atlassian to deprecate and then subsequently remove the events BranchCreationRequestedEvent and TagCreationRequestedEvent, we have taken the decision to deprecate the Branch and Tag Naming Rule Enforcer event handler to the extent that, while the configuration will still exist within ScriptRunner for future reference, it will no longer have any effect from this point onwards.

When editing the Branch and Tag Naming Rule Enforcer event handler the user is displayed with the following message:

This event handler is deprecated and has no effect. Use the pre-receive hook of the same name instead.

As indicated by the message, from this point onwards, in order to maintain the same functionality, users should make sure to have configured the Branch and Tag Naming Rule Enforcer pre-receive hook instead.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-430] - Convert Require Valid Jira Issue hook to use new hooks API
  • [SRBITB-431] - Convert Max Filesize hook to use new hooks API
  • [SRBITB-433] - Branch Naming Merge Check does not work when creating branches in UI


  • Released 06 Feb 2019.


Update to Cloning of ScriptRunner Settings When Cloning a Repository

In addition to the below bug fix [SRBITB-424] regarding the correct cloning of ScriptRunner settings (i.e. pre-hooks, post-hooks, merge checks and event handlers), we have also made the following changes to the feature:

  • Cloning of ScriptRunner settings is now mandatory, when performing a repository clone.
  • We have reversed the decision made for [SRBITB-357] and now all ScriptRunner settings are applied to the cloned repository, that currently apply to the source repository, regardless of the permissions of the user performing the clone.

The above changes were made to make the cloning of a repository more robust and secure in all circumstances. If you no longer need a ScriptRunner setting applied following a repository clone, they can be retrospectively deleted or edited for the cloned repository.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-413] - Project or repo admin can't see list of event types to select when adding or editing an event handler
  • [SRBITB-424] - Cloning of ScriptRunner objects in Bitbucket applies cloned repo to all SR objects with the same name


  • Released 07 Jan 2019.


  • [SRBITB-419] - Mirror Syncing fails with Github if archived repos exist


  • Released 11 Dec 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-407] - List of event handlers not displayed when events to listen for are empty
  • [SRBITB-414] - Require valid Jira issue hook doesn't exclude merge commits


  • Released 14 Nov 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-391] - Multiple event handlers for the same asynchronous event can cause race conditions


  • Released 30 Oct 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-388] - As a user when pushing tags in require jira issue pre-hook the push is slow


  • Released 03 Oct 2018.
  • Compatible with Bitbucket Server 5.14.


Dynamically Configure Email in send Mail Script

There is an additional mail configuration section in the send mail script which allows you to configure fields such as to the to and from addresses based on information from the specific event or commits depending on which extension point you use.

If you click expand examples under the mail configuration and click customize the email you’ll see an example on how to do this.

New Features

  • [SRBITB-221] - Allow from address and recipients to be set dynamically in send mail script

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-380] - Repo slug doesn't always get replaced with numerical ID when saving hook config
  • [SRBITB-381] - Max repository size notification email doesn't have separate rows in table
  • [SRBITB-385] - Adding items as a project or repository admin returns 401
  • [SRBITB-389] - As a repository admin static type checker lozenge keep spinning forever
  • [SRBITB-390] - All upgrade tasks are not run
  • [SRBITB-392] - Repository admin can not delete repository level items
  • [SRBITB-396] - Bitbucket 5.14 compatibility


  • Released 31 Aug 2018.

New Features


  • Released 13 Aug 2018.

New Features

Hooks API Support

We now support writing your hooks using the new hooks API Atlassian have introduced in Bitbucket 5.

This is most relevant if your writing your own custom hooks as the API easily provides you with the data you need, reducing the cost involved in getting up and running with writing a custom hook. It also comes in useful if you want your hook to be applied to both changes coming in through the UI and for a regular Git push.

Please see the custom pre-hooks and post-hooks section for further examples of this.

Clone ScriptRunner Items

You now have the option to clone configured ScriptRunner items when you use the built-in clone repository script. These include event handlers, pre/post-hooks and merge checks.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-318] - misc problems with BBS
  • [SRBITB-357] - Only clone per-repo items for project level clone repository script
  • [SRBITB-358] - Repository size report doesn't display pie chart at project level
  • [SRBITB-360] - Project and repository level admin sections redirect to login if not a full admin
  • [SRBITB-362] - Application link picker broken in require commits to be associated with Jira issues
  • [SRBITB-364] - Fix TrustedCommitAuthorsCustom hook for multiple regexes
  • [SRBITB-365] - Update Getting Started screen
  • [SRBITB-368] - Preview button should be hidden for some items
  • [SRBITB-369] - Export as CSV for Project repo size report exports all projects
  • [SRBITB-370] - Configure mirrored repos fails to load
  • [SRBITB-378] - Add missing mirroring test
  • [SRBITB-379] - Configure mirrored repos destination is not displayed
  • [SRBITB-222] - Add documentation for repository size report


  • Released 15 June 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-361] - Per-repo built-ins from plugins fail to load


  • Released 31 May 2018.

Bug Fixes


  • Released 06 Feb 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-312] - ScriptRunner event handlers loading slowly
  • [SRBITB-319] - Auto merge event handler deletes branches that should not be deleted


  • Released 29 May 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-319] - Auto merge event handler deletes branches that should not be deleted


  • Released 01 May 2018.


Security Fixes

This update fixes a critical security vulnerability in ScriptRunner for Bitbucket discovered during an internal review. We strongly recommend all customers apply this update at their earliest opportunity. Further details will be released in the coming weeks as part of Adaptavist’s responsible disclosure approach.

All versions of ScriptRunner for Bitbucket from 3.0.17 are affected. Below are instructions on which version we recommend you upgrade to:

  • If you have Bitbucket 5.0 or above, upgrade to 5.3.31

  • If you have Bitbucket 4.1 to 4.14.12, inclusive upgrade to 5.3.30

  • If you have Bitbucket 4.0 to 4.0.6, upgrade to 5.3.29

  • If you have Stash 3.7 to 3.11.6 inclusive, upgrade to 5.3.28


  • Released 24 April 2018.

This just contains a single fix to deletion of repository level items.

If you installed 5.3.15 or 5.3.14 we recommend upgrading to this version as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-316] - Some admin level items can be deleted if some repo level ones are deleted

In case you missed it, here is what was released in 5.3.15:


  • Released 24 April 2018.


Conditional Merge Check

We’ve made it even easier for you to write your own custom merge check based on a condition, allowing you to customize your pull request workflow.

See the documentation for an example of blocking a pull request from being merged if one of the reviewers marks the pull request as needing more work.

Security Vulnerability Fix

We’ve fixed a security vulnerability that existed for repository and project admins when using ScriptRunner. We recommend you upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-216] - Merge check to block a merge based on a condition
  • [SRBITB-297] - Size limit hook doesn't reject pushes where an oversized file was added then deleted
  • [SRBITB-298] - Require Jira issue key should allow a custom issue key regex
  • [SRBITB-305] - All events are handled asynchronously
  • [SRBITB-314] - Fix repo and project level security vulnerability


  • Released 06 March 2018.


Project Level Admin Scripts

Project Level Admin allows administrators to run a subset of ScriptRunner’s administrative scripts for their projects. This gives administrators the power to perform common housekeeping tasks that only instance wide administrators would be able to do so.

These housekeeping scripts include:

  • Repository size report for all repositories in a project

  • Clone a repository in projects they have admin access to

To get started go to Project Settings → ScriptRunner → Built-in Scripts in Bitbucket Server.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-261] - Support abstract/interface event classes
  • [SRBITB-265] - Restrict file size hook consumes large amount of heap space when excluding large LFS files
  • [SRBITB-270] - Event Handlers have duplicate runs when multiple events of the same type are published and handled asynchronously
  • [SRBITB-271] - Send mail post-receive hook cause STC error when using bindings
  • [SRBITB-272] - Custom Web Item - Static Type checker won't return result
  • [SRBITB-273] - Git LFS check fails when pushing changes from Git submodules
  • [SRBITB-274] - Syntax error when pasting sample scripts from documentation
  • [SRBITB-290] - Configure mirrored repos table does not refresh after repo has been removed
  • [SRBITB-292] - Clicking run in some built-in scripts makes fields disappear
  • [SRBITB-293] - Repository actions custom web item doesn't trigger flag or dialog
  • [SRBITB-295] - Upgrading above 5.0.13 causes upgrade to hang in the UPM when using some databases
  • [SRBITB-256] - Project Level Admin for Bitbucket
  • [SRBITB-34] - Alter the Repository size report and give an option to run this as a project admin
  • [SRBITB-257] - Create Clone Repository administrative script for all Project admins of Bitbucket


  • Released 15 Jan 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRPLAT-254] - XSS security issue in the tree view



Excluding Git LFS Files

There is now a new pathMatch matcher that will optionally exclude files tracked by Git LFS in your hook conditions.

This comes in useful when you want to block binary files in the protect git references hook and inform the developer they should be moved to Git LFS if they want to push them.

To find out more about how to use this feature click here for further details.

Restrict File Size Hook - Exclude Git LFS Files

You can now also exclude files tracked by Git LFS from the restrict file size hook.

This could be combined with the protect git references hook (excluding LFS files above) so you only check the size of files NOT tracked by Git LFS.

To find out more about this feature click here for further details.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-251] - Restrict file size hook blocks deleted files that exceed the size limit
  • [SRBITB-253] - Make compatible with BBS 5.4.0
  • [SRBITB-152] - Optionally exclude LFS files from the restrict file size hook
  • [SRBITB-254] - Provide option in pathsMatch condition to exclude LFS files from hooks
  • [SRPLAT-199] - Spinner not showing when clicking add new item and available canned scripts are not ready


  • Released 04 Oct 2017.


Script Jobs

Script Jobs allow administrators to run their own code at regular intervals.

While you can write your custom Script Job, there are a number of built-in jobs which give administrators more control over their Bitbucket Server instance.

The built-in ones include:

To find out more about Script Jobs click here. Or to get started go to Admin → ScriptRunner → Script Jobs in Bitbucket Server.

New Features

  • [SRBITB-202] - Bitbucket Script Jobs
  • [SRBITB-203] - Ability for administrator to write a custom scripted job
  • [SRBITB-204] - Script job to deactivate users periodically
  • [SRBITB-205] - Script job to perform repository maintenance periodically
  • [SRBITB-248] - Send custom email Script Job


  • Released 08 Sep 2017.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRPLAT-188] - Scripts that need to be recompiled are not displayed in the UI


  • Released 10 Aug 2017.

This release was mainly for compatibility with Bitbucket Server 5.2.0.

In particular we had to make changes to the clone repository built-in script for copying items inherited from the project level. Further details on how this script works alongside project level settings inheritance in 5.2.0 can be found here.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-242] - BB 5.2.2 - Ensure that repository cloning maintains project inheritance


  • Released 07 Aug 2017.

This release was mainly for compatibility with Bitbucket Server 5.1.0.

In particular we had to make changes to the clone repository built-in script for copying branch configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-239] - Fix clone repository copy branch config not working on 5.1+
  • [SRBITB-240] - Fix MultiValuedMapImpl class not found for clone repository script
  • [SRBITB-241] - Clone repo should copy scope from branch model configuration for 5.1.3+


  • Released 04 July 2017. 


Copying Pull Request Settings Restored

The clone a repository built-in script now copies all pull request settings over.

You can see the documentation for what configuration items that will be copied over.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRBITB-235] - Event handler registered with no events should not be executed
  • [SRBITB-236] - Restore copying pull request settings over for clone repo script in Bitbucket 5
  • [SRBITB-237] - Class not found for some event types


  • Released 26 March 2017.


User Interface Updated

With version 5.0.0 we’ve done a major overhaul of the user interface, allowing for a more user friendly experience and providing a better way of navigating through all sections of ScriptRunner.

Scripts are also now better organized and easier to access allowing for a quicker access to the desired script through a collapse and expand buttons. Together with this, we’ve decided to removed the slow auto-scroll when a script was being edited for a more snappy experience.

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