Breaking Changes

Version 7.0.0+

Groovy Updated to 3.0.12

See Groovy 3 Update section for details. 

Spock Updated to 2.0

As part of upgrading to Groovy 3 we had to update Spock, because there is no Groovy 3 compatible version of Spock 1.3, which was used in ScriptRunner 6. 

Spock can be used to write and run unit tests within ScriptRunner. It is unlikely that tests written by ScriptRunner users would use parts of Spock 2.0 that contain breaking changes. However, if you maintain tests for your scripts you should explore the breaking changes listed in the release notes for Spock 2.0.

JUnit 4 Removed

Although it wasn't advertised in the documentation, it was possible to write and run unit tests using JUnit 4 in ScriptRunner 6. Spock 2.0 is based on JUnit Platform, not JUnit 4, so JUnit 4 tests will no longer work inside ScriptRunner.

If you wrote any tests using JUnit 4, then you will need to rewrite them using Spock.

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