Admin-Only Project and Repository Script Access

By default, ScriptRunner allows project and repository administrators to write and execute ScriptRunner scripts (although in a restricted sandboxed environment). Some administrators may prefer to disable ScriptRunner access to project and repository administrators, allowing access to system administrators, only.

Restricted project and repository administrator ScriptRunner access is disabled by default.

To enable or disable ScriptRunner access restriction for project and repository administrators, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the administrator Cog.

  2. Navigate to ScriptRunner in the sidebar and select Settings.

    Alternatively, if you are already on a ScriptRunner administration tab, click the Settings tab.

  3. Toggle Admin Only Project and Repository Script Access on/off.

    With the toggle enabled, all project and repository administrators have their access to ScriptRunner restricted. This means that they do not see ScriptRunner menu items in repository/project administration areas.

If preferred, the administrator can use groups to give access to ScriptRunner, but the users in those groups must still have the project/repository administrator permissions.