Web Section

Web sections can be used to add new locations, sections, or web items like links or buttons.

Example: Add an Adaptavist Resources Section to Administration

To create a new web section on the Administration screen, follow these steps:

  1. Click Create a Custom Web Section on the Fragments page.
  2. Fill the form out as follows:

    You can use the Weight to move the section up or down in the menu.

  3. Select Add for new sections or Update for existing sections
  4. Add web items to the web section that you created. In this example, it is atl.admin/Adaptavist-resources.

    The web section is not visible unless there are web items in it.

  5. After your web section and web items are saved, navigate to the Administration page to see the new section.


Similar to web items, you can define a condition that determines whether the entire section is visible or not.

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