Clone Repository Configuration

This clones the configuration of an existing repository to a new empty repository.

In Bitbucket 5.2.0+ if the existing repository inherits particular configuration items from the project then the Target Project Settings are inherited for the cloned repository.

You can set up one or more template repositories, and then clone them when creating new repositories, in order to ensure the correct settings for hooks and pull requests etc.

The following configuration items are replicated in the new repository:

  • Repository permissions, including whether the source repository is publicly accessible and forkable

  • Branch permissions

  • Enabled hooks settings

  • Branch model

    This is of limited utility as some settings in the branch model cannot be set until the branch exists, such as the production branch.

  • Pull request settings (those that are shipped with Bitbucket)

    • Minimum number of approvals

    • Require all tasks to be resolved (useful in conjunction with adding default tasks to new pull requests)

    • Minimum number of successful builds

    • Require all reviewers to approve the pull request (Bitbucket Server 4.9+ only)

    • Enabled merge strategies and default merge strategy (Bitbucket Server 4.9+ only)

  • ScriptRunner features

    • Pre hooks

    • Post hooks

    • Merge checks

    • Listeners