Conditional Job Killer

This listener allows you to specify a condition to stop a build. You can stop any job that you want for any reason. Write in your condition, and then every job that runs is checked against it.

Follow these steps to set up a Conditional Job Killer:

  1. When you get to the point of choosing a listener, select Conditional Job Killer.
    The Conditional Job Killer form appears:

  2. Enter a Note for your your listener.
    This helps identify it in the list of listeners.

  3. Enter your scripted condition in the Condition field.
    A value of true stops a build and a value of false allows the build to proceed.

    This has the capacity to stop every build in Bamboo. If you only enter true, it would stop all builds. If your condition only applies to a subset of builds/plans/etc, make sure that is accounted for in your condition.

  4. Enter a custom error message in the Error Message field.

    This message appears on the job when it is stopped by this listener.This helps you identify when a job was stopped by this listener.