What is the CircuitBreaker error that I am seeing


Inside of ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, we have added a Circuit Breaker mechanism due to the fact that Atlassian will respond to requests from our app with HTTP 5xx  responses at times when the Jira Cloud instance is unavailable at their end due to the fact that the instance is under heavy load either by a user who is making lots of requests at the current time or by an app which is making lots of requests at the current time. 

When we receive HTTP 5xx responses from Atlassian we invoke our Circuit Breaker mechanism in order to avoid our app sending further requests to the Jira Cloud instance when it is unavailable to avoid causing further issues inside of the Jira Cloud instance and this is why you will see the Circuit Breaker error which you are seeing from ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud.

What can I do to help reduce the Circuit Breaker errors from occurring:

As this error is caused by the Jira Cloud instance itself being unavailable then there is nothing we can do directly inside of the app to stop it from occurring but we would advise that you look to make the following changes below in order to help to try to stop the Jira Cloud instance sending HTTP 5xx responses and to resolve the Circuit Breaker errors.

  1. Contact Atlassian Support to ask them to diagnose what is causing the Jira Cloud instance to respond with HTTP 5xx responses.
  2. Disable any scripts that you have configured for a temporary period to help reduce the number of requests that your instance is making.
  3. Look to increase the Filter Sync Interval Period setting on the page at <JiraBaseURL>/plugins/servlet/ac/com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner/settings?s=com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner__settings in your instance to reduce the frequency at which synchronise your filters and make requests inside of your instance.

If you are still encountering errors after trying these items here then we would advise raising a request with our support team here so that we can help you to diagnose the cause of these errors inside of your instance.