JQL Keywords return no results when used in queries


When ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is first installed then the JQL Keywords need to be re synchronised to enable them and to allow them to be referenced in JQL searches.

Also, if a user disabled the JQL keywords feature then they will need to be synchronised to enable them again and to allow them to be referenced in JQL searches.


In order to synchronise the JQL keywords you should follow the steps below in your instance:

  1. Navigate to the page in your Jira Cloud instance at the URL of <JiraBaseURL>/plugins/servlet/ac/com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner/jql-sync?s=com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner__jql-sync
  2. On the page that is displayed check at the top of the page if the Feature Status shows as Requires Initial Sync.
  3. If the status shows as needing to be synchronised navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the blue Sync All Issues button.
  4. Wait for the synchronisation to complete.
  5. Refresh your web browser and then run a new JQL query using a JQL keyword and it should now return the correct results.

In larger instances, you may need to run the synchronisation process more than once in order for all issues to be synchronised correctly.

Synchronising keywords is a very resource-intensive process so we recommend as a best practice that this action is performed out of hours when the instance is not under heavy usage in order to avoid any performance impacts to users.