How can I start learning ScriptRunner for Jira Server/Data Center and Groovy coding

In order to get started learning ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Groovy coding, then we would advise following the guide below along with watching the introduction videos shown below in order to help to understand how the ScriptRunner for Jira Server plugin works.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Read up on the Groovy programing language here if you are new to programming in groovy and look at online Groovy training courses on Udemy here.
  2. Read through the documentation pages located here.
  3. Work through all of the tutorials which we have produced in the pages located here.
  4. Read through the Adaptavist Script Libray located here.
  5. Review posts on Atlassian Community to see what scripts another ScriptRunner for Jira Server/Data Center users has published.
  6. Run code inside the Script Console in order to start learning how the API's work.