Recurring Tasks is the first Monday.com app that lets you create any number of recurring items all at once. You can accurately reflect routine tasks in your Monday.com boards, calendar, timelines, Kanban, and reports.
Save time planning tasks and never miss anything important again!


  • 🕒 Save time by creating and scheduling recurring tasks
    • Easily schedule repeating items or subitems in your Monday.com board from the side panel view in a single step.
  • 🎯 Accurately reflect recurring tasks in your Monday.com boards
    • See repetitive tasks scheduled on your boards, calendar, timelines, Kanban, and reports.
    • Get better visibility on your future tasks to plan and allocate resources effectively.
  • 👁 Visibility and control of each recurrence
    • Each recurring item or subitem is a native monday.com item, so you can see it in your reports and edit each task individually.
    • Have more control over scheduling recurring tasks by selecting customizable end dates, repetitions, and working days.
  • 🎉 No more workarounds
    • You no longer need to create recurring tasks manually, use suboptimal automation, or set regular reminders in your calendar.
    • With just one step, you can now have all your recurring tasks shown on your Monday.com boards.

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