Even though Project Configurator for Jira Cloud was designed to make your life easier, challenges may still arise as you figure things out.

Check our FAQ page to find answers to our most received questions.

If you don’t find information you need in our documentation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adaptavist support.


We take your suggestions seriously.

Use the Feedback feature to let us know how we can improve. 

This page allows you to interact with feedback in several ways:

  • Use the Make a suggestion button to submit your idea.
  • Read feedback from other users and vote for suggestions you support.
    • Search suggestions with the Search field. 
    • Sort by suggestions by those trending, the amount of votes, or their recency.
  • View the support status for a submitted suggestion.
    • See Roadmap for an status overview of all feedback.

Make a suggestion

To provide feedback:

  1. Go to our Feedback page.
  2. Click Make a suggestion.
  3. Name the issue in the Title field.
  4. Provide the details of your idea in the Description field.
    1. Optional: Click Attach files, to attach a screenshot or other relevant data.
  5. Click Create post.