Find notes for reach release of Project Configurator for Jira Cloud in 2021 here.

05 March 2021


  • The user interface for connection setup and management is updated

  • The error feedback related to migrating scripts has been improved for more use cases

Bug fixes

  • A bug preventing the feedback pop-up from opening in Google Chrome is removed
  • Bugs preventing UI stylings from displaying correctly, in certain circumstances, are removed
  • Bugs preventing a seamless authorization and login experience are removed

26 February 2021


  • Improved styling consistency throughout the app
  • Improved feedback and workarounds for certain migration edge cases
  • Automated tests have increased reliability 
  • Links to legal information added to the Help & Support page

Bug fixes

  • A bug related to Jira Cloud authorization, causing migration failures, is removed
  • A bug preventing simulations from starting, in certain situations, is removed
  • A bug preventing connection deletion, in specific circumstances, is removed

17 February 2021

Updates and fixes to enhance functionality


  • Improvements to the user flow when signing in to Project Configurator
  • Support for Free Jira plans

  • Styling improvements to the Reporting screen
  • Standardized styling for a consistent user experience
  • Changes to the loading screen colors

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an unexpected error in creating tabs
  • Improved handling of issue links

  • Improved handling of certain edge cases and an associated error message

  • Improved handling of trashed classic projects

  • Improved permission handling

02 February 2021

Initial release of Project Configurator for Jira Cloud

Project Configurator for Jira Cloud allows Jira and project admins to perform Jira cloud to cloud configuration migrations without the manual stress. As an admin, you can quickly migrate your standard Jira project configurations from your source across to your target instance ready for your team to get to work.

New features

  • Connections
    • Establish and authorize connections to Jira Cloud instances.
    • Each connected instance is shown and can be managed in the Connections screen.
  • Migration
    • Use this feature to easily promote project configurations across connected Jira Cloud instances.
    • Select your desired configurations and run a simulation to ensure desired results.
    • Feedback for each migration, simulated and real, can be managed in Reporting.
  • Reporting
    • View and interact with feedback for every real and simulated migration.
    • Use the search feature to find specific executions.
    • Filter reports to quickly find relevant information.