The Project Configurator Checklist provides a quick reminder of the prerequisites, key tasks, and best practices that help ensure that your migrations run smoothly. We recommend that you refer to the Project Configurator Checklist whenever you prepare for a migration process.


Have Jira System Administrator permissions 1

Jira language and locale are the same on both source and target instances

Apps installed on your source Jira instance are also installed on your target instance 2

Instance Prep

Ensure that the naming schemes for user accounts are consistent between the source and target instances 3

Provision a staging instance to test before importing to a production environment; this should be the same version as your source and target instance to ensure test results are accurate

Disable outgoing mail for user accounts 4

Run a simulated migration before executing the real migration

Best Practice

Read the list of supported object types to verify that Project Configurator for Jira Cloud supports the configuration objects that you would like to migrate

Follow a tested and defined process for all your migration tasks

Limit disruption to users by performing tasks out of hours; consider staging the import through separate files and limiting the exporting of attachments 

1 This is not required for migration but is recommended in case changes need to be made to your instances. See our FAQ for more on user access.

2 If an app provides configuration objects, such as custom fields, in the source instance but is not installed on the target instance, errors can occur due to these objects being missing in the target. It is also important that the apps on both instances are the same version otherwise the built in Jira data import functionality that PC uses will give errors when importing issue data.

3 You should not have the same user with different user names, e.g. jsmith and jan.smith. If you are using an external user directory such as LDAP or Active Directory, ensure that these users exist in the target instance before the migration.

4 To learn how to disable outgoing mail, see Atlassian’s guide to configuring email notifications.