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Welcome to the future of change management for Jira Cloud by Adaptavist!

Project Configurator for Jira Cloud gives Jira and project admins an innovative, out-of-the-box approach to Jira Cloud migrations and configuration changes, by providing unparalleled flexibility, ease of use, and robustness. 

Migrate project configurations

Connect Jira Cloud instances and migrate project configurations across them, without having to manually copy each change to your target instance. For example, you could use PC4JC's Migration feature to move a project configuration from a staging instance to production.

Reporting feedback for each event

The Reporting feature lists feedback for each migration. Easily find the information you need with relevant filters and searching. Each event is given a unique invocation identifier.

Getting started

Project Configurator for Jira cloud is available to use free of charge. There is no installation required and no credit cards needed.

Simply visit the product page at to begin. 

New to Adaptavist?

Simply click the option, Sign-up to Adaptavist IDYou can sign up with an email address or by connecting a Google account.

Once your account is confirmed, you're ready to go!

Have an Adaptavist account already?

Click Sign-in with Adaptavist ID. Enter your credentials in the next screen and that's it- you're signed up!

Once signed in, simply configure a couple of connections to your Jira Cloud instances using your Atlassian credentials to start. We’ll manage the secure OAuth connections for you. Then, you can run migration jobs between Jira Cloud source and destination instances via the Migration screen.

Keep an eye on our Release Notes for information on the latest features, improvements, and capabilities. Read more about the app in the Overview.

Contact Adaptavist for any other queries or to submit a support request.

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