Project Configurator can export and import the following objects in Jira.

Configuration only

If exporting or importing only the configuration of projects, the objects listed below can be handled. Links provide further information specific to some object types.

Global objects

Project-specific objects

  • Components

  • Versions

  • Members of project roles in the project

  • Service Management:

    • (since version 2.3.0-J7)

      • Request types (including their fields, predefined values and status mappings)

      • Request type groups

      • Queues

      • SLAs (including calendars, goals and start/stop/pause conditions)

    • (since version 2.3.2-J7)

      • Automation Rules and Default Event User

      • Notification Rules

      • Approvals

    • (since version 2.3.4-J7)

      • Portal settings (name, intro text, announcement, whether agents can manage announcements). Logos are not supported.

      • Email integration settings

      • Knowledge base integration

      • Customer satisfaction feedback survey configuration

      • Custom reports

    • (since version 2.3.8-J7)

      • Customer Permissions

Complete projects

If exporting or importing complete projects(i.e., their configuration, data, and attachments), the following object types will be handled, in addition to the previous list of configuration objects:

  • Issues, including all their parts like:

    • Comments

    • Worklogs

    • Change history

  • Attachments

  • Issue links

  • Any missing users that are referenced by the issue data being imported
  • Service Management:

    • Customer satisfaction feedback survey results (since version 2.3.5-J7)

    • Organizations (since version 2.3.6-J7)

Project Configurator uses Jira's built-in data import functionality to import your project data and is therefore subject to the restrictions
described in Atlassian's Restoring a Project From Backup.
If you are importing complete projects, you should be aware of of how your project data will be handled by reviewing the 'Preparing
your target Jira instance' section of this article.

Only on Jira 7

  • If the source data contains sprint and ranking information (Jira Software) this will also be transferred.

  • If transferring a Service Management project, these items will be migrated:

    • Customer request type for issues

    • Organizations

    • Customer satisfaction surveys